Hi this is Les, I want to tell you a little bit about a really great machine. If you do a lot of sewing on a basic single needle lockstitch machine this will really make sewing more easier and its a lot fun to use also’

All the important features of the DDL-9000 at a lower price. DDL-8000 is a single needle lockstitch that features needle position, thread trimmer, auto foot lift, auto back tack, thread wiper, programable stitch patterns.

Increased production and less fatigue with the automatic functions this machine comes with. Start sewing with auto back tack feature the machine sews forward then back any amount of stitching you set it for then speed is controlled with foot pedal. When stopping the machine is positioned needle down and foot lifts to make quick and easy turn, if this is the end of stitch then heeling back will create a back tack, trim the thread, and stop with needle up. These features save time by redundant motions positioning needle, reverse tacking, foot lifting, thread trimming are performed with heeling foot pedal. Look for an increase in production of minimum of 25 percent or more.

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