JULY 13th New machines being added to our FERDCO Leather Machines. We now have a post arm roller foot machine and a strap cutter. See these in our showroom in Phoenix.

Post MachinePost Machine

Ferdco Strap CutterFerdco Strap Cutter

MAY 5 new machine from Merrow MB-40F0 Active seam sews 3 different versions, a flatlock replacement. Infused 3D uses three threads embeds a color inside, Comfort seam sews two threads makes a thin stitch, a Slim which sews two threads makes a smaller stitch then comfort. New versions available for heavier knit. This is a simple machine that produces a unique stitch that is an alternative to a flatlock seam, it also give a fresh look to your product. In stock in our showroom for you to try out. Merrow Industrial Sewing Machines since 1838. see detailed brochure

comfort stitchinfused stitch


April 13 New machine from Juki. DU-12817 is a little longer and taller has has some nice features and reasonable price. It is a walking foot machine for sewing heavy materials like upholstery and canvas, it features needle positioning and auto foot lift and thread trimming. One feature that is nice is a knob on top of the machine that allows you to change the height the alternating feet walk. This feature is available on Juki's very best walking foot machines that cost twice as much as the 12817. Please open this link to see more information. Link to DU-12817 We have this machine in stock in Phoenix warehouse for you to try out.

Juki DU-12817 Walking foot with lots of features and economical price see detailed brochure



SHOW REVIEW FROM A FIRST TIMER  AT THE HOUSTON QUILT FESTIVAL 2011 by Les Raichert  See video of the booth

Quilting news

Opening day at the quilt festival, large crowds, bright lights, a sea of colorful quilts, and a wave of energy begins when the doors open and a flood of people pour into the exhibit hall.

I am numb with learning there are so many designs and combination of fabrics and colors, textures and materials that are brilliantly enmeshed together to for a beautiful expression, its as if peoples souls have been turned loose and the beauty and expression have been turned loose and collected and captured for a few moments in this amazing place called the quilt festival 2011

I wanted to know just what is a quilt? How are you suppose to do it? What, if any are the rules? I came away with more questions then answers, but the energy that is there for those several days will linger on and has added a new dimension to me, I can’t really put into words the experience.

My intention was to try and put a few answers that I find work for me.

First, there might be as many answers as there are people, and there probably is no perfect way to assemble one, but for me the beauty that is in even the simplest quilt all the way to the awesome details of the mighty structures that stand so proudly in their space to witness the incredible possibilities of the human mind and soul exist in all.

I think at this point a have acquired a few answers for myself I would like to share. I have been around sewing machines most of my life and grew up in a family business that sells them, my experience has seen lots of items being manufactured, clothing, non-apparel items, creative ideas turned into useful products, money made and lost on products, golf bags, medical items, auto parts, awnings, back packs and saddles, carpets with serging and binding, hats and embroidery, jeans and shirts, dresses and shoes, underwear and bedding, bulletproof armor and boat covers, upholstery of all kinds plus I have learned of past items not sewn anymore like tires, and seen new materials used in machines that were designed to work with the materials of their day modified to use modern synthetic that often didn’t seem possible, but once again the mind of someone figures it out, so why the rant? I started to put a few ideas together to explain my opinion on how I think the correct way or easiest system might be and now think it does not exist because it is an evolving answer. The one thing in common is you can put together certain combinations of tools and materials, needles and fabrics that your success will depend on your skill and your teachers and the equipment you have. I have seen expensive machines 30k and machines from a few hundred dollars create wonderful pieces of art. I am not sure anyone has the perfect answer, but have seen some proven results. Certain people have acquired a combination they have taken a lifetime to gather and have the evidence their system works is there for you to see and touch, you can talk with and try products

I want to share some machine facts, ideas and let you make up your mind

To be continued……….our booth Juki & Neq