The following 14 videos provided by www.raichert.com will help you with your JUKI LK1900A control panel. Please contact us for any clamping, parts, service. email: sales@raichert.com phone 800-422-3153. If you have LK1900HA this is a different control panel. We can help with the older machine too.

VIDEO 1 Getting started with basic use of the JUKI 1900A control panel

VIDEO 2 Sewing first pattern on JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 3 Learning how center panel buttons work. Changing the X and Y axis of a program of the JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 4 More about X and Y. Changing the sewing speed of the JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 5  Setting the upper thread tension on JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 6 Threading JUKI LK 1900A machine safely using threading needle button. Changing the sewing speed of the JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 7 Winding the bobbin button on JUKI LK-1900A allows the machine to run without feed frame moving.

VIDEO 8 The counter button on JUKI LK-1900A

VIDEO 9 Working with the program buttons P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 saving and modifying programs on JUKI LK-1900A Learn how to create a modified pattern and save to a program button, then recall programs for sewing. This is a very useful feature. This is also a much easier way to bring up a couple of patterns you may frequently use in a much quicker procudure.

VIDEO 10 Working with chaining part 1 JUKI LK-1900A Learn how to acess the chain or combine programs. very short with some background noise. Please watch video 10 through 13 to learn how this feature works.

VIDEO 11 more on chaining part 2 JUKI LK-1900A Learn how to combine program buttons P1 P2 P3 program buttons to C1 chain or combine program feature on JUKI LK1900A

VIDEO 12 chaining continue part 3 JUKI LK-1900A Trying out the combined P P2 P3 on the C1 button programmed on JUKI LK1900A

VIDEO 13 chaining part 4 JUKI LK-1900A Learn how to select an individual program and sew it out of the programmed sequence on a programmed C1 on JUKI LK1900A

 Video 14 Conclusion summary JUKI LK-1900A Brief summary on basic features of JUKI LK1900A. Please see videos1 through 13 to quick start yourself and learn basic functions of the JUKI LK1900A

Video 15 Unlock and lock program on the machine. There 50 programs and only a few come as the default. Gain access to all of them